Saint Mark Lutheran Church Child Development Center - Child Care/Daycare/School for Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, and Kindergarteners

About Us

Philosophy & Goals

The early childhood program at St. Mark Child Development Center focuses on meeting the basic needs of every child to be loved and accepted. In a supportive environment, learning experiences are provided to help each child increase individual awareness, recognize capabilities and limitations, and build a healthy self-image and confidence for moving successfully into the next stages of education.

Cognitive learning takes place while working, playing, and sharing at our school. In a non-competitive atmosphere the child develops skills in language arts, math and science. The school hopes to awaken in the child the realization that “to learn” is exciting and ongoing.

These goals are implemented through a well rounded, developmental curriculum. We provide structured learning times which are carefully directed by the teachers, as well as unstructured learning times which will involve meaningful play and hands on learning. This will provide a balance of experience to help each child learn at their own developmental rate. Our goals stress the development of the “whole child” … spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

We are a Christian school. A feeling of God’s love for families and all people is made manifest in loving, caring relationships with other children and well-trained staff. We endeavor to instill in each child a love of God, a love of self, and a love of others. This philosophy is woven throughout our program in the form of music, art, drama, and many other creative forms of play.

The Center also follows a non-aggressive play policy. This states that no weapons, war toys, or cartoon-inspired toys or paraphernalia are allowed. While at school, the children are encouraged to make choices from the many wonderfully enriching, open-ended activities and interest centers planned by our staff.